Happy Christmas to you & 2019 highlights.

As 2019 draws to a close, I wanted to just post a little update of my favourite highlights of the year, and thank you all for your support. Although once again I was plagued with a few health issues which meant an involuntary hiatus over November & December, it was also filled with fantastic memories and even better support.

The number one highlight for me has to be releasing my second E.P ‘On My Own’ in on 23 March 2019 at a sold out launch in my home village of Fovant. This evening is not only my highlight of 2019 but of my musical career so far! I am not, and have never claimed to be, an event organiser. So taking on the challenge of organising a launch show – from the food, drink, tickets, venue to also arranging a band and playing myself, was no mean feat – and I think that’s why this meant so much to me when (in my opinion) it was a great success. It felt like all the hard work paid off when the venue was full to the rafters of friends, family and strangers alike with a drink in hand enjoying a night of grass roots music. Thank you to everyone who made that evening special to me, it means the world.

The second best highlight was touring ‘On My Own’ across the UK and Netherlands. This was an exciting first for me and it allowed me to meet new artists, new fans and travel to places I’d not been before. This was not only great for my music, but enriching for the soul. The foreign stint was especially exciting and eye opening. It was amazing to be able to hop in my car head down to Folkestone in the early morning and be eating Moules & Frites on Dunkirk beach by lunchtime! Then the ease of driving to Antwerp, Belgium for the night – then heading on to Amsterdam in the morning for a run of gigs in the centre – wow how amazing is that! I hope with the uncertainty that lies ahead this doesn’t become too tricky from 2020 on wards…. A big thank you to the people that were involved in this – especially Simon my partner, and the venues that gave me a chance to sing for them.

My third and final highlight for me was getting together a fantastic band which backed me not only at my launch, but also at a super fun gig at The Cavern in London in October. It’s been really fun to play with a fantastic group of fellow musos and bring a new sound to my songs – I can’t wait to play more band shows in 2020.

So all in all, 2019 has been a fantastic year, and I can’t say it enough just thank YOU all for your ongoing support! By coming to my shows, buying my CD’s, watching my videos and continuing to follow my online presence, you give me the chance to really make my mark in the musical world – I literally couldn’t have achieved any of the above with you! Thank you.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

See you at a show in 2020.

Thanks for reading,
Isobel xxx

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