E.P Number 2 begins…

So, finally after a long wait after numerous delays,  I began recording my new E.P in Denmark a week or so ago. Why Denmark? I hear you say.
The reason for this is not only did I record my last E.P there (‘Keeping On’) but it is also home of fantastic musician, engineer, producer and old friend, Michael Wedgwood. He is based in Silkeborg and has a great little studio perfect for my music.

I also had the pleasure of working again with Eddi Jarl Sørensen on drums + Henrik Skriver on guitar. Fantastic guys, and fantastic musicians. What they add to the E.P is invaluable.

This new E.P is going to be four tracks with songs that you would’ve only heard if you’ve seen me live recently, or possibly on youtube. So in my eyes, it’s feeling pretty fresh!

I’m currently getting ready for another session in Denmark in the following weeks which will include recording all the lead + backing vocals. I’m also going to have some saxophone on this EP courtesy of my brother and fellow muso – Dom which I’m super excited about!

I’m hoping to complete all the recording for the E.P. after the next sessions and then it’ll just be mixing, mastering and getting the physical copies prepped and ready! I’m hoping to release in Spring 2019, so keep your eyes peeled on my social media pages for E.P launch info, pre-order etc etc!

Thanks for reading
Isobel x

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