Sonja Kristina (Curved Air)

She is a confident performer with a sparkling voice and well crafted songs . It was a pleasure to hear and to have a good reason to return to the Troubadour after 20 years
Congratulations …

Tim Heywood, Hope FM

‘She’s got a great voice, she’s also sickeningly young with a huge amount of talent…deffinitly worth seeking out again’

Narada Michael Walden (drummer for Jeff Beck) Tarpan Studios

Izzie, yes I did listen, I like very much the same song you sang for me. Blessings to you! Drink the water! …Stay in touch with me. The year is almost ending. I look forward to hopefully seeing you again in the future. Love, kindness and respect, Narada

Gordon Haskell (Harrys Bar number 2 in the album charts 2002)

‘How refreshing it was to listen to Isobel Thatcher’s new CD ‘Keeping On’. Unaffected, unpretentious, honest and sincere without the slightest whiff of some half-baked agenda on board.
When did you last come across that?
If music be the food of love, keep on keeping on, Isobel’

Francis Dunnery (It Bites)

I played Isobel’s CD,  I thought it was fantastic!
Tell Izzie that she’s very talented and I look forward to hearing her in person one day.


The most enjoyable aspect of Isobel’s performances is her outstanding voice, she has a smokey tone and elegant delivery. Her voice will enhance any song and take it to new and exciting places.