‘…I feel that each song is a pure statement to Isobel’s musical gift & gives this talented artist the chance to deliver a passionate performance for the full duration of this EP…’

Fierce and Fabulous Revolution

“… “Carry You” is elevated by a Clarence Clemons-esque saxophone feature (courtesy of Isobel’s brother Dominic Thatcher), an irresistibly catchy chorus melody, and, above all, Thatcher’s vocal delivery, simultaneously compassionate and effortless…”

Bored In Pittsburgh – ‘Carry You’ track review 3/6/2019

‘…a plethora of blues influences as well as a good sprinkling of country styles with Isobel’s fine vocals being the proverbial cherry on the cake…’

Rock Regeneration – ‘On My Own’ E.P review 2/2/2019

‘…‘On My Own’ is simply a fantastic four track EP that demands your attention. Thatcher places her heart on her sleeve with tracks that highlight not just the joys of love but also the lows and you’d be doing it a disservice by not taking a listen…’

Art Will Fall – ‘On My Own’ E.P Review – 10/4/19

She is a confident performer with a sparkling voice and well crafted songs . It was a pleasure to hear and to have a good reason to return to the Troubadour after 20 years
Congratulations …

Sonja Kristina (Curved Air)

‘She’s got a great voice, she’s also sickeningly young with a huge amount of talent…deffinitly worth seeking out again’

Tim Heywood, Hope FM

Izzie, yes I did listen, I like very much the same song you sang for me. Blessings to you! Drink the water! …Stay in touch with me. The year is almost ending. I look forward to hopefully seeing you again in the future. Love, kindness and respect, Narada

Narada Michael Walden (drummer for Jeff Beck) Tarpan Studios

‘How refreshing it was to listen to Isobel Thatcher’s new CD ‘Keeping On’. Unaffected, unpretentious, honest and sincere without the slightest whiff of some half-baked agenda on board.
When did you last come across that?
If music be the food of love, keep on keeping on, Isobel’

Gordon Haskell (Harrys Bar number 2 in the album charts 2002)

I played Isobel’s CD,  I thought it was fantastic!
Tell Izzie that she’s very talented and I look forward to hearing her in person one day.

Francis Dunnery (It Bites)

The most enjoyable aspect of Isobel’s performances is her outstanding voice, she has a smokey tone and elegant delivery. Her voice will enhance any song and take it to new and exciting places.